Booger is back and cuter than ever!

9,999 100% on-chain crypto collectibles on the Cardano Blockchain!


Ür favorite toilet dwelling creatures r back & ready to take over the Web3 world with their undeniable addictive slimy cuteness.

On the outside OOZ1ES looks deceptively simplistic, but the more you dig the more beauty you will uncover.

This project has been meticulously crafted pixel by pixel to make sure every aspect is as perfect as possible. With nothing added that shouldn't be there. Stripped to its ultimate gooey goodness.

There is a total of 9,999 unique OOZ1ES for Ü to collect.
No 2 r alike, each 1 features traits from 7 rarity categories.

Body Colors = 36, Hats = 117, Faces = 36, Object = 45, Overlay = 35, Background = 35, Frame = 35

*There is a total of 339 different traits to make every single OOZ1ES as kickass as possible!

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